Evolve Landing Gear


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The landing gear set is tailor made for the Evolve and allows the pilot to repair the existing landing gear anytime, anywhere.

  • 2 landing gear frame
  • 2 inner covers
  • screws
  • 4 landing gear gums

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The landing gear is composed of two t-shaped landing pads, each one molded into a single piece for more strength and sturdiness.
An inner cover is located within the legs for easy access to the antenna.
At the tip of the legs are four easily replaceable foam foot pads acting as both cushions and protection. The landing gear, made of polycarbonate and glass fiber, lowers the risk of interference with the antenna and also demonstrates dimensional stability. The frame between the two landing pads is reinforced by magnesium to increase overall strength. To guarantee the aircraftʼs integrity in the event of an accident or hard landing, the landing gear is specifically designed to absorb impact at a desired point at the junction between body and legs to ensure that the body of the aircraft remains protected.

The landing gear includes electronic components and should only manipulated by professionals or advanced users.

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