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Micro 4/3 camera system, interchangeable gimbal, 33 minutes flight time, 11km range, enlarged dual touch screen controller; the Evolve 2 is the most compact cinema-grade drone platform for content creators and multi-level professionals.

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The EVOLVE 2 is the first fully integrated premium drone platform providing aerial cinematographers with professional grade filming capabilities and an advanced flight experience in a comprehensive package.

EVOLVE 2 is the smallest multi-rotor drone platform equipped with a mirrorless Micro Four Thirds camera supported by a monocoque carbon-fiber airframe that minimizes weight for longer flight time while providing enhanced structural integrity. The magnesium alloy ventral plate provides heat dissipation while reducing vibration during flight. Combined with high-power motors and optimized propeller design; the aircraft can reach speeds over 55mph supporting high-quality cinematography for action sports, racing, wildlife photography and other challenging applications.

The dual touchscreen Ground Station is designed to support a solo pilot/cinematographer and is widely considered one of the best controllers available today. Rated at 1,000 nits for easy viewing in bright outdoor conditions, it also features fully programmable controls and external antenna options to extend flight distances to 11km (6.8 miles).

The Evolve 2 comes with
– 1 x Ground Station
– 1 x aircraft battery
– 1 x Ground Station battery
– 1 x Astra m4/3 camera
– 1 x Olympus 17mm prime lens
– 6 x propellers (3 x CW + 3 x CCW)
– 1 x dual charger
– 1 x backpack
– 1 x SD card (64GB)



Diagonal Size (Excluding Propellers)21.4 in (543 mm)
Weight (including battery and propellers)4.4 lbs (2.00 kg)
Max Ascent Speed16.4 ft/s (5 m/s)
Max Descent Speed8.2 ft/s (2.5 m/s)
Max Speed57 mph (92 km/h) in sports mode
Max Flight Time33 minutes
Max Operating Range36089 ft (11000 m)
Operating Temperature14°F - 104°F
Satellite Positioning SystemsGPS/QZSS, GLONASS, BeiDou
Three-axis gyroscope
Optical Flow
ConnectivityUSB TypeC,
Bluetooth V4.2 BLE+EDR
IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac dual-band WiFi


Controllable RangePitch -90° to +10°
Gimbal AccuracyStatic Stability: ±0.01°
Motion Stability: ±0.2°
Stabilization3-axis (pitch, roll, yaw)

What is the effective range of the Evolve 2?

The range of Evolve 2 is 36089 ft (11000 m).

What is the flight time of the Evolve 2?

Evolve 2 flight time is 33 minutes.

What is the maximum speed of the evolve 2?

The maximum speed of the Evolve 2 is 60 mph (96 km/h) in Sports mode

What flight modes does the Evolve 2 have?

Beginner Mode: In this mode the aircraft will only fly with in a restricted distance from the home point. Default Beginner Mode set at radius of 98ft (30m) and altitude of 98ft (30m).

Filming(GPS) Mode: In this mode, with a strong GPS signal, the drone will hold its position when the control sticks are released. The flight dynamics in the Evolve are made for smooth filmic shots.

Altitude mode: In this mode the drone will hold in level altitude orientation when the control sticks are released, but it will not hold the position. This results in the drone drifting in the direction the wind is blowing and the operator must control the position of the drone at all times. This mode is only recommended for experienced operators and is meant for smoother breaking reactions and camera panning.

Smart(GPS) Mode: In this mode, with a strong GPS signal, the drone can perform Smart Pilot functions such as Waypoint Operation, Easy Course and other modes. When the drone is not performing a smart function it will fly in GPS Mode.

Does Evolve 2 has a “Return to Home” mode? How does it work?

Yes Evolve 2 does have a “Return to Home” mode.

You can easily activate it by pressing the Return to Home button located below the right hand stick of the ground station.

The “Return to Home” mode will also be triggered if the aircraft loses signal with the ground station or if the battery level is running low.

Return to home brings the drone back to the location where it first acquired a home lock position utilizing the GPS signal. Users must ensure that a GPS signal is fixed, when all 4 LED lights located under the motors are solid green, before takeoff to bring it back to your home point position. When it reaches the home position the aircraft will hover for 5 seconds then land automatically. During the landing descent the operator can move the drone’s position to avoid obstacles on the ground or land in a preferred spot. At any stage the RTL mode can be modified by pressing the RTL button again and confirming the RTL cancel, then the drone will state back into the mode which the 3 position switch mode is selected

Depending on the flight conditions and obstacles in the return to home flight path, the operator can choose a safe return altitude for the Return to Home function. This altitude should be set up before flight. Default return to home altitude set at 98ft (30m).

– Auto land feature.

You can easily activate it by pressing the Auto Take-Off and Landing button located below the left hand stick of the ground station.

The “Auto Land” mode will also be triggered after the aircraft has reached its home point during Return to Home.

Auto Landing allows the unit to descend and automatically land using the LiDAR system. During the landing descent the operator can move the drone’s position to avoid obstacles on the ground or land in a preferred spot.

What are the benefits of carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber provides one of the best strength to weight ratio, it is 10 times stronger and 5 times lighter than steel, 8 times stronger and 1.5 times lighter than aluminum.

Carbon fiber has superior fatigue properties and is highly corrosion resistant.

It is suitable for complex contours and design which makes it especially appropriate for aircraft design and manufacturing.

To sum up, carbon fiber provides better resistance to impact, stronger structural stability, improved flight dynamics and is stronger and lighter than competing materials.

Can you switch off the lights on the aircraft?

No, you cannot switch off all of the lights of the aircraft as they are here for practical and safety reasons.

Please note that the light above the camera are only for calibration or emergency signal and can be switched off in the Drone Setting menu and switches off automatically when recording.

Is there a specific meaning to the lights’ various colors?

Yes, there are a total of 5 possible LED colors (white, green, blue, yellow, red) with specific meanings.
Please refer to the manual for full details.

How does Evolve 2’s positioning system work?

Combined with algorithms and a comprehensive suite of positioning tools, including a GNSS module that supports GPS/QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou navigation systems, covering 99% of the world, as well as advanced optical flow and LiDAR sensors, Evolve provides position tracking with the higher precision than general drones with ultrasonic or visual sensors.