Dyna-WING 2 Propellers (set of 4)


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Specifically designed for the EVOLVE 2 motor system, the Dyna Wing 2 propellers are made from reinforced composite material making them strong, secure and well balanced. Coupled with high power motors, they provide powerful thrust. Safety is secured by the patented Snap-on Quick Release System.

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The newly designed Dyna-WING 2 propellers are 13″ in length and feature a slightly raised tip which creates an airfoil that reduces drag and noise levels by 10 dB in comparison to the EVOLVE. The overlapping propellers allow for a compact design without giving up thrust or power. Powered by the robust 530kV high power motors, the Dyna-WING 2 propellers are made of fiber-glass reinforced polyamides, a composite material used in the aerospace, marine and construction industries. The polymer matrix is fortified with fiberglass fibers and is extremely strong, flexible; providing the ultimate safety and flight stability with minimal noise.

XDynamics’ patented Snap-on Quick Release lock system provides a quick method to snap-on with a simple push and turn to unlock (and lock) the Dyna-WING 2 propellers safely. Black clockwise and white counterclockwise icon markers on the propeller system and the white/red lock icons, making it a dual safety system that ensures the secure assembly of the props every time you fly.


Dyna-WING 2 Propellers (set of 4)

Dimension13 in (33 cm)